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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Online General Interest Magazines: A Source of Authentic Meaningful English

ESL textbooks provide the foundation students need to improve their English skills. To be able to advance to higher levels of English though, these books are simply insufficient and students have to be exposed to other sources of language input beyond the classroom walls.
A variety of printed materials (newspapers, magazines, travel brochures, restaurant menus, catalogues etc.) are valuable sources of high-quality easily-accessible language input that open a window to understanding ‘the real English’ our students are eager to learn. In addition to being unscripted, these resources are motivational as they can  be selected based on students’ personal interests and relevance to their lives.
Help your students develop a habit of daily reading of materials that haven’t been especially adapted to ESL programs.
Below is a list of Canadian magazines that expose learners to current, relevant and stimulating language in a variety of contexts. Canadian content is an additional bonus for Canadian ESL learners or anyone interested in Canadian culture specifics. Let your students find and choose their own input: - a general interest magazine about Canada - in-depth articles about Canadian people, places and issues with stunning photography - considered to be the most-read Canada’s magazine featuring real-life stories, remarkable Canadians, humor, health, lifestyle - a lifestyle magazine (food, fashion, health, family relationships) - women’s lifestyle - a current affairs magazine - a news magazine - a magazine for young Canadians (youth culture, style, music, health and fitness etc.), great for students who have teen-aged children -a health and beauty magazine - a magazine that focusses on legal issues - content-based community for women - topics related to world’s polar regions - a health and wellness magazine - a literary magazine, look for articles that don’t require subscription such as written with a good sense of humor
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