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Monday, February 15, 2010

ESL Teacher Blog: Celebrating the National Flag

Canada, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, marked its National Flag Day on February 15.
Have your students watched the parade of nations during the opening ceremony? How did they feel when they spotted the flag of their country, whether native or newly chosen? Carried by flag bearers, the national heroes, the flags evoked a range of emotions, symbolizing the countries past and present achievements, traditions, values and future hopes.

For people of diverse backgrounds, a national flag is a symbol of unity and their own  identity. Go to the Canadian Heritage website to read more about the history of the Canadian Flag.  Go to the teacher’s corner for ideas about celebrating Canadian Flag in class.
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

ESL Teacher Blog: Collocations and “Find Someone Who...” in the Olympic Spirit

With just a week to go until the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, why not to take advantage of the Olympic excitement? It’s a great opportunity to introduce, review or focus on collocations related to Olympics, or sports in general. Below is  a popular warmer adapted to the Olympic theme that can help ESL teachers to raise student awareness of collocations, words that often occur together.

Students mingle, ask questions and record the name(s) of their classmates who fit the prompts. Of course, they have to ask a correct wh-question first by rephrasing the given statements (e.g.: Are you going to watch..?)

Find Someone Who...

1. is going to watch live coverage of the Olympic Games
2. is sure his/her favorite athlete will break a record
3. followed the torch relay
4. knows the Olympic motto
5. would like to be a torchbearer
6. knows the colors of the five interlacing rings (the Olympic symbol)
7. has visited the host city of the Olympic Games
8. thinks Olympic venues will benefit the local residents after the Games are over
9. can’t wait to see who will light the Olympic cauldron
10. thinks each athlete should go through doping control
As a follow-up, encourage to come up with more Olympic collocations:

medal count/standing
Olympic committee/debut/flame/stadium/parade of nations/village/anthem/mascots
opening/closing ceremony
record holder/breaker
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