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Saturday, July 12, 2008

ESL Teacher Blog: My Favourites

Sometimes a teacher will make a strong connection with some students in the class but not with others.  It may be because of personality traits, common interests, age, sex or attitude.  It’s just natural that a teacher may like some students more than others.  A teacher can feel that way, but they can never show it.
A teacher must always maintain a professional relationship with their students.  This is important whether teaching young children, high school students or adults.  Any sign of favouritism might affect the learning of a student.  Favouritism can be perceived as a teacher giving a student a better mark on a test or an assignment. 
It’s also seen in the way a teacher interacts in the classroom with students.  A student who feels that the teacher prefers his classmates may lose motivation and not reach maximum potential. 
I know this is true, but I also know that as a human it’s sometimes difficult to not allow emotions and preferences to influence my interactions with students.  So as difficult as it is, I try to call on all students equally, give all students the same attention during discussions, and greet all students equally. 
I try to never let the students see which students I find more interesting, more challenging, more fun, more frustrating, more inspiring or more endearing.
It’s not easy, but it’s part of my job.
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ESL Teacher Blog: I like you because...

This is the time of year when classmates must say goodbye to each other, either for the summer or in some cases permanently.  It’s always a bittersweet time.  On the one hand, students are happy that they’ve successfully completed their course; but on the other hand, they also feel sad to say good-bye to their friends. 
One activity to do in class that allows students to say good-bye and create a lasting memory is the “I like you because….” activity.
To complete this activity, prepare one sheet of paper for each student in the class.  At the top of each sheet write each student’s name and the beginning of the sentence “I like you because….”
Explain to the class that each student is going to complete that sentence for everyone in the class except themselves.  If the class has 30 students, each student will write 29 comments.  Write the following example on the board to illustrate what the paper will look like and what kind of comments are appropriate. 
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