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Saturday, January 12, 2013

ESL Student Blog: How about next Tuesday morning? - The Language of Booking Appointments

New year is underway and your calendar is probably filling up fast with new appointments - doctor visits, newcomer orientation sessions, parent-teacher interviews, placement tests and professional services consultations.

How busy is your schedule? Can you juggle your work, school and your/your family appointments?
Answer the questions below to practice talking about appointments. Pay attention to bolded expressions that combine words that are often used together:
Would you like to make/book/schedule/set up an appointment?

Would you like a morning/afternoon appointment? An early morning or late afternoon appointment?

What’s the nature (reason) of your appointment? Is it a check-up or follow-up appointment?

Do you usually confirm your appointment a few days before your scheduled appointment?

Have you ever missed an appointment? Does your doctor charge a fee for a missed appointment? Would your doctor waive the fee under some special circumstances?

Do you always keep your appointments?

Do you always arrive early/on time/late for your appointments?

If you can’t make your appointment, do you cancel or reschedule it? Move it up (arrange it at an earlier time) or push it back (arrange it at a later time)?
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