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Saturday, November 17, 2012

ESL Student Blog: Political Speeches

If you followed the recent U.S. elections, you probably listened to the victory speech of the re-elected President Barack Obama. It was also his acceptance speech in which he formally accepted his public position as the President.
Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate who lost the elections, delivered a concession speech in which he acknowledged his loss and congratulated the winner.
During their run for the office, candidates deliver speeches of different types. As soon as they hit a campaign trail, they deliver campaign speeches in which they explain their political views to the voters. A stump speech is a type of a campaign speech which is given during a trip to meet the voters in order to try and get their support.
A convention speech is given during a political party convention. Political parties meet to discuss their party platform  and elect their leader who may become a future president or prime-minister. Political party conventions usually kick off election season.

When a political leader officially starts his/her term in the office, an inauguration speech is delivered. A president (or a member of Parliament) takes an oath and talks about his/her intentions as a new leader.
A resignation speech is given when a political leader leaves the office before his/her term officially ends.
A farewell speech is given at the end of the term served in the office.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

ESL Student Blog: Commemorative Statues

To commemorate means to honor the memory of an important person or event. By observing Remembrance Day on November 11, we remember the soldiers and civilians who died in many wars and conflicts. We also pay tribute to the veterans who served in military forces and soldiers who currently take part in peace missions around the world.
Many of the Remembrance Day ceremonies are held in proximity of war memorials and other commemorative statues. Commemorative ceremonies usually include wreath laying, a moment of silence and reading names of the fallen.
Commemorative statues are usually erected by sculptors. Here are the main types of these structures:
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - a large stone structure where unidentified soldiers are buried
war memorial or cenotaph - a large structure to remind of fallen soldiers that contains no human remains
obelisk - a tall stone pillar with four sides and pointed top
mausoleum - a large finely built tomb
monument - a structure to remind of famous people or events
To find military memorials in Canada, click here.
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