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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ESL Student Blog: Amenities, Utilities, Appliances

These words often come up in a conversation about renting or owning a property.
Amenities are areas in a building that make life there more pleasant and comfortable, e.g.: an underground garage, a swimming pool or a health club. Good schools, nice views and low crime rates could also be considered as amenities as they make a property more desirable.
Utilities are services that are used by public: electricity, gas, etc. In an apartment complex there are also common area utilities: water used by lawn sprinklers, elevator and hall lights and so on. The latter are also known as maintenance fees.
Appliances are electric devices for household use: a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, etc. There are also small appliances, usually used in the kitchen: a toaster, coffee-maker, a microwave and so on.
Which group of the words below provides examples of amenities, utilities  and appliances?
1. _______
party room
fitness room
theatre room
(sun) terrace
individual lockers
guest suite
rooftop deck
boardroom (meeting room)
indoor/outdoor pool
landscaped yard
billiard rooms
espresso bar
car wash bay
2. _______
hand mixer
3. _______
central heating
high-speed Internet
garbage collection
satellite/cable TV
telephone line
More conversation questions:
- Which amenities do you expect to see in a high-end building?

- Is the cost of utilities high in your area?

- Are utility services in your country government-managed or privately owned?

- What are your favorite small appliances in the kitchen?
Answer Key: 1. amenities 2. appliances 3. utilities
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