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Thursday, July 01, 2010

ESL Student Blog: Fireworks Sights and Sounds - The Sky Is the Limit

It’s Canada Day and what is this celebration without fireworks?

What are your favorite visual effects: a floral fountain, a palm tree, rings, hearts or perhaps a beehive? Do you like the thrill of fireworks?

Fireworks produce lots of different sounds: they whizz, hum and whistle as they’re ejected from a narrow tube and then explode with a loud bang as spectators look in awe at the multitude of shapes forming in the night sky. There’s a crackling sound as the fireworks burn out and leave a trail of bright sparks.

Other verbs that can be used to describe fireworks are:










As they’re set off in a quick succession, there’s a barrage of light and noise. Firework designers take advantage of modern technologies to put on the most stunning, dazzling and flashy shows for the public, often accompanied by music.
The sky is the limit means there is almost no limit how beautiful firework displays can be.

Happy Canada Day!
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