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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ESL Student Blog: A to Z Father’s Day Adjectives

Father’s Day falls on June 20th this year. It’s time to sign a card and tell our dads what makes them so special. What adjectives can you think of that best describe your father?

Do you and your father look alike? Was he your favorite playmate when you were little? Did you want to be just like him? Have you inherited any of his personality traits? Are you two peas in a pod (just like your dad)? Are you the complete opposite of him?

Here’s a list of A to Z positive adjectives that describe fathers. Feel free to add more.

A - awesome
B - bright
C - caring
D - devoted
E - encouraging
F - funny
G - generous
H - hardworking
I - inventive
J - jolly
K - kind-hearted
L - loving
M - methodical
N - no-nonsense
O - open-minded
P - practical
Q - quick-witted
R- reliable
S - strong-willed
T - tender
U - unselfish
V - visionary
W - wise
X - XL (extra-large :))
Y - youthful
Z - zealous
Happy Father's Day!
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ESL Student Blog: Nurse, Nursing, Nursery

Have you ever tried to grow a tomato plant from a seed? How much effort does it take? Let’s see..: sowing the seed, keeping it moist until it sprouts, keep it warm and moist when it germinates, making sure it receivers enough light, transferring a seedling into a deeper pot with good potting soil, transplanting it outdoors, fertilizing, putting a tomato cage when it grows big... Nursing tomato plants to maturity isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Nurse is often used a verb:

As an avid gardener, she nursed (took care of) the long neglected garden back to full bloom.

She nursed her injured cat back to health. (She cared for it until it was healthy)

Don’t disturb Lana now - she’s nursing (= breastfeeding) her baby.

Lana is a nursing mom. (‘nursing’ is an adjective)

Nursery is a place when young plants are grown for sale. Nursery can also be a place where babies, toddlers and/or young children are cared for while their parents work. Nursery is a noun.

Can you answer the questions below?

How can you nurse (try to cure) your cold?
Does your workplace have a special policy for nursing moms?
How can you nurse a wilted potted plant back to health?
Do you know any nursery rhymes? (short, rhymed poems for children)
What else can you buy at a nursery except for plants?
Who lives in a nursing home?
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