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Sunday, April 18, 2010

ESL Student Blog: Earmuffs, Earplugs, Earphones

You hate wearing hats, but it’s cold and windy out there. How can you keep your ears warm? (By wearing earmuffs).

You enjoy swimming, but your ears ache after you swim. How can you keep water out of the ears? (By inserting earplugs).

You’re on the crowded subway and want to listen to music on your mp3 player. How can you  experience good sound quality and block out the unwanted sounds? (By using earphones).

Earmuffs are worn to go out in the cold and snow, but also protect ears from noise, especially at workplaces (e.g.: around loud machinery) or shooting ranges (as used by police or military personnel). They cover external ears.

(Related words: (to) muffle - make quieter, more difficult to hear; a muffler - a device that reduces the noise of a car engine).

Earplugs are inserted inside the ears and provide protection from loud noises or intrusion of water, wind, etc. (Related verb: (to) plug - fill a hole).

Earphones (also called earbuds) are a pair of small speakers placed inside the ear canals that prevent sounds other than your music to enter the ear. They also allow listening without disturbing others. Around-ear earphones are usually referred to as headphones. (‘-phone’ is a Greek suffix for ‘sound’).


Will a person wear earmuffs, earphones, earplugs (or any combination of these) when he or she:

1. operates a chainsaw?

2. works in an office cubicle and doesn’t want to hear chats taking place around him/her?
3. has a snoring spouse (husband/wife)?
4. uses a drilling machine?
5. studies in the library and really wants to concentrate on the reading?
6. runs a business from home and tries to cut back the amount of noise from his/her children?
7. operates a lawn mower?
8. is on a treadmill listening to music?
9. stays at a noisy hotel?
10. dives?

Answer Key:

1. earplugs, earmuffs or both 2. earplugs 3. earplugs 4. earplugs, earmuffs or both 5. earplugs 6. earplugs 7. earplugs, earmuffs or both 8. earphones 9. earplugs 10. earplugs

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

ESL Student Blog: Dye Vs. Die

Easter weekend is here!
Have you ever dyed (=colored) Easter eggs? If yes, how did you do it? Did you dip the eggs into a coloring solution (water + food coloring)? Or did you go the old-fashioned way and dyed them with onion skins?
The forms of dye are dyeing and dyed:
How long have you been dyeing your hair blond?
She dyed the yarn green.
When something dies, it stops living or functioning. The forms of die are dying and died.
I think my plant is dying.
The engine died and the car won’t start.
Choose: dye, dyeing, dyed, dyes, die, dying, died, dies
1. He can ___ from the wound if not taken to hospital.
2. He considers ___ his mustache to look younger.
3. He ___ from a drug overdoze.
4. Hope ___ last.
5. Some languages are slowly ___.
6. She’s going to ___ her sofa cushion covers.
7. This fabric ___ well.
8. She __ these silk scarves by herself.
Answer Key:
(1) die (2) dyeing (3) died (4) dies (5) dying (6) dye (7) dyes (8) dyed
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