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Sunday, June 22, 2008

ESL Student Blog: Got A Green Thumb or Brown?

If someone has a green thumb, s/he has a natural talent of making plants grow well. Some people can easily transform a lifeless plant into flourishing one as if they have a magic wand.

If, however, plants keep dying in someone’s place every other week, the person clearly has a brown thumb – the plants just wouldn’t thrive and stay alive: they’d wilt, droop or turn brown. 

Canadians love gardening, growing their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in their backyards, indoor containers or on balconies! Do you like gardening?
Try a new exercise on gardening and turn your brown thumb green even if only by learning new gardening words.
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

ESL Student Blog: Leave or Forget?

We use the verb ‘leave’ (rather than ‘forget’) if the place is mentioned.
I can’t find my umbrella anywhere. I think I left it on the train. (not: …I forgot it on the train).
Can I borrow your umbrella? I forgot to bring mine.
In both cases the umbrella was left/forgotten by accident, the speaker didn’t remember to take it.
The verb “leave”, however, can also be used when the speaker acts intentionally. Compare:
Steve didn’t remember what vegetables to buy for the casserole – he left his shopping list at home. (by mistake)
It’s your turn to go grocery shopping this week! I left you a shopping list on the table. (on purpose)
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