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Sunday, February 03, 2008

If Torontonians Live in Toronto, Who Lives in Halifax?

What are the residents of the Canadian provinces, territories and major cities called?

While some of the names are more common (Vancouverites live in Vancouver, Ottawans in Ottawa, Montrealers in Montreal, Calgarians in Calgary), others are less familiar and even unpredictable: the residents of Halifax are actually Haligonians.
The following geographical names are added –(i)ans to refer to their citizens: Albertans (of Alberta), Manitobans (of Manitoba), Nova Scotians (of Nova Scotia), Ontarians (of Ontario), British Columbians (of British Columbia), Victorians (of Victoria), Frederictonians (of Fredericton), Saskatchewanians (of Saskatchewan), Reginans (of Regina), Edmontonians (of Edmonton), Whitehorsians (of White Horse).
Some residents get their names by adding –ers to the place they reside in: Winnipeggers (of Winnipeg), New Brunswickers (of New Brunswick), Quebec(k)ers of Quebec , Yukoners (of Yukon),  Yellowknifers (of Yellowknife).
The residents of Newfoundland and Labrador are referred to as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians; while the residents of Prince Edward Island are just Islanders.
Yet, with some others it’s just better to say “the residents of” as in the residents of North West Territories, or Charlottetown.
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