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ESL Vocabulary Lessons
Authentic, context-rich readings chock-full of idioms, phrasal verbs and common collocations. Designed for intermediate to advanced ESL levels, these vocabulary lessons include a wide assortment of vocabulary exercises, extensive listening practice and a wealth of cultural information on living and working in North America. Appropriate for classroom use or self-study.

The Birthday - Free Lesson
Level: Upper Intermediate ESL

After 50 years of marriage, Ed and Mildred are like two peas in a pod. But when Ed forgets Mildred’s 75th birthday, she is not impressed and starts to wonder whether he’s losing his mind. But Ed hasn’t forgotten at all – and Mildred soon learns he’s just been up to his old tricks.

Read "The Birthday", a short story by Tina McFadden, and picture the characters and settings through lifelike words and expressions. Listen to a North American narrator to pick up the tones and emphasis. Complete the exercises to practice your new expressions.

This lesson includes:

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