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Workplace: Idioms 3
  • rat race
  • off the clock
  • fill in his shoes
  • crunch time
  • give a leg up
  • work her way up to the top

1. The employees said they were forced to work by coming early or staying late without extra payment.

2. Our team is getting close to – three different projects have to be delivered by Friday.

3. Jane is a manager of a successful restaurant chain. Jane says it wasn’t easy to - she started as a waitress, worked as an assistant manager and then became a restaurant manager before her current position.

4. Many employees dream of quitting the - they wish they could work fewer hours and spend more time with their family.

5. Successful completion of this course could to applicants who are trying to get a job at this company.

6. Our Chief Financial Officer is retiring next month, and the company is looking for a capable candidate to .

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