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Workplace: Office Collocations
  • coat rack
  • workstation
  • air vent
  • foot rest
  • water cooler
  • mail slot
  • shredding machine
  • cubicle partitions
  • file cabinet
  • reception desk

1. Our faces the main entrance so that the secretary can greet the people when they come through the door.

2. There was no in the office to hang my raincoat, so I had to drape it over my chair.

3. A destroys confidential documents such as financial records or customers’ personal information.

4. The employers are asked to check their personal every day for memos, notes or important messages from administration.

5. I’m trying to keep my clean and tidy at all times. I make sure to file the papers I work on, keep the documents in labeled storage containers and tuck my chair in at the end of the day.

6. Most women in our office like to gather around a and chat about stuff unrelated to work. I don’t think they’re even thirsty!

7. The in the floor under my desk blows cold air so forcefully that my feet get freezing cold. I need to ask the maintenance worker to close it off.

8. Jenny can’t reach the floor when she sits in this chair and needs a .

9. Our office is a wide open area without .

10. We keep all important papers for our records in a .

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