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ESL Worksheets: Chocolate Foods

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objective: Talk about popular North American chocolate foods/dishes; discuss chocolate preferences and common associations related to this product.
(Note: this worksheet should ideally be used as a Valentine's Day worksheet)
1. Warm-Up Questions (can be posed to the whole class or related to in pairs):
What is the most common edible gift people give/receive on special occasions?
What is the most popular dessert people make/order/enjoy in your country?
In your opinion, what ice-cream flavor is the most popular (or second popular)?
Write the word ‘chocolate’ on the board. Ask to name the most popular ways to enjoy chocolate. Elicit: chocolate bar/cake/bun/croissant/cookies/ice-cream, etc. 
2. Students do Exercise 1 to find definitions of the most popular North American foods that are chocolate-based.
3. Students identify adjectives used to describe chocolate in Exercise 2. All of the missing letters are vowels.
4. Assign conversation groups or partners. Students discuss their chocolate preferences and talk about common associations related to chocolate.

Student Handout

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