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The Scary Sounds of Halloween (ESL Halloween Worksheet)

Level: ESL Intermediate

Objectives: learn vocabulary describing scary sounds; discuss typical sounds associated with Halloween; talk about visiting haunted houses as a traditional way to celebrate Halloween

Teacher Notes:

Let students recall their past Halloween experiences. How did they feel walking in the dark and approaching dimly lit houses while trick-or-treating (with their kids)? What noises did they hear? If students have never participated in Halloween walks, ask to think of object, animal or human sounds that would frighten them, especially in the dark.

Possible examples may include:

frog croaking, door slamming shut, wolf howling, thunder clapping, cats shrieking, floors squeaking, etc.

Put students in pairs. In Match the Sound (1) ask to match objects, animals or people in column A to the sounds they are associated with in column B. Possible extension: make students give you examples of the -ing words functioning as adjectives (a cackling witch), verbs (a witch is cackling) or rephrase into noun combinations (a cackle of a witch).

Have students practice the new vocabulary in Match the Sound (2) in a context unrelated to Halloween. Help them to come up with additional examples of the target vocabulary, directing with questions, e.g.: "How does your car engine sound when it can't start?", "Why would your windows rattle?", etc.

Extension: Briefly explain the notion of a haunted house (believed to be inhabited by ghosts). Mention that haunted houses are traditionally visited around Halloween for entertainment. Kids, families may create "haunted scenes" in the basements of their houses and invite their friends to walk through, frightening them along the way. Many museums and amusement parks transform some of their space into a haunted house around Halloween attracting children and adults alike. Haunted house guests are walked through the rooms of the house and exposed to eerie sights (props, skeletons, coffins etc.) and sounds. Ask your students to describe the sounds of a haunted house in Extension: The Sounds of a Haunted House.

Student Handout

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