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ESL Worksheets: Verbs with Prefix Un-

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objective: practice verbs with prefix un- to talk about a reverse action

Teacher Notes:

Ask students to name the reverse action of the process you’re going to describe. For example:

I usually bike to school. I chain my bike to a rack and head to the office. At the end of the day, I _____ my bike and ride home. (unchain)

I often subscribe to the electronic updates from my favorite websites. If I don’t find them useful, I  ____ from receiving them. (unsubscribe)

Add more examples with unzip, unbutton, untie, undo, unfasten, unpack, unlatch, uncouple (e.g.: the trailer from a tractor or semi-trailer).

In a more advanced class, mention the new ‘trendy’ verbs such as ‘unfriend’ (remove from the friends list), unfollow, unfavor mainly used on social networking sites.

Hand out the worksheet. Students practice additional verbs with the prefix un- by filling in the given sentences.

Student Handout

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