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Father's Day Worksheet: Dad-sims - Your Dad’s Favorite Lines

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: Introduce popular dad-isms as phrases teaching the basic life lessons and reflect on the true meaning of dad-isms
Ask students if there was a phrase and expression that their father (stepfather, grandfather) would repeat every so often during their growing years. This phrase would be said during a ‘teachable moment’ for a father, for example, when a child says s/he wants a new toy, complains about too many chores to do or thinks that the parent is being unfair.
Start with a few of your own examples and briefly describe the purpose of saying these phrases:
Big boys don’t cry. (said to discourage tears)
You have things so easy! (said to put shame on a child who doesn’t appreciate having what’s available to him/her)

You’ll thank me when you’re older. (said to show that he’s been in similar situations and knows which decision is right or wrong)
Listen to additional examples from the students.
Introduce the term ‘dad-isms’ which are phrases that are typical of fathers to say to their children. Said in a witty way, these lines often discourage unwanted behavior, offer a good piece of advice or motivate children to make right choices.
Students read more examples of dad-isms and match them to their meanings (1). They then work in small groups to think of possible situations in which the dad-isms can be used.
In (2) in small groups students take turns to complete the dad-isms. Wrap up by reading some examples out loud.
Extension: Students write a paragraph that is concluded with one of the dad-isms.


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