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ESL Worksheets: Places of Worship

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objectives: learn names of the buildings that serve as places of worship; discuss symbolism and meaning of sacred structures; learn to respect different faith communities
Teacher Notes:
Put students in pairs/small groups. Assign a few questions to help generate new vocabulary:
- What are major world religions?
(Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism)
- Why do people of the same religion meet regularly? (celebrate, support their community, worship)
Discuss the meaning of worship (show respect and admiration for God or gods (goddesses)). A place of worship is a sacred location where believers show their devotion to God or gods. There are famous places of worship that are destinations for pilgrimages.
Name places of worship of different religions.
(church/cathedral/chapel; mosque; temple, synagogue)
Hand out the worksheet. Refer students to Just the Facts: World Religions and go over names of groups of people who practice a particular religion, buildings of worship and the most sacred places of worship for each of the religions.
In Religious Symbols students fill the religious symbols found in various places of worship in the sentences. Ask to come up with more symbols/elements/ritual objects associated with different religions (e.g.: ten commandments, the Menorah, altar, shrine room, the crescent moon and star, the star of David, conch shell)
Wrap up with Discussion Questions.
Student Handout

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