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ESL Father’s Day Worksheet: Dads Matter!

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objectives: talk about qualities of a good Dad; learn idiomatic expressions related to fatherhood; discuss the Dad’s role in a family
Teacher Notes:
Write on the board the following saying and discuss its meaning:
Anyone can be a father, but It takes someone special to be a daddy. (Anyone can have children, but not everyone can be a good father).
Hand out the worksheet. Students go through the list of qualities that make a great Dad and add their own examples in Dad’s Top Qualities. As a class, vote for the top 5 qualities that make a great Dad.
In Figuratively Speaking students match the sentences in column A with their meanings in column B to explain the expressions in bold. Agree on 3 more characteristics from the table that are essential for Dads.
Wrap up with Conversation Questions.

Student Handout:

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Father’s Day ESL Worksheet Dads Matter.pdf

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