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ESL Worksheets: Sleep Idioms

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objective: practice idioms related to sleep
1. In pairs students discuss the following questions:

• As people grow and mature, is there a difference in their sleep patterns? Does a teenager sleep in the same way as a full time university student?
• Is it good to nap in the middle of the day? How may it affect someone’s night sleep?
• What life circumstances can make a person lose sleep, sleep badly or sleep well?

Take the questions up introducing a few idioms from today’s lesson. Talk about ‘sleep like a log’, ‘not sleep a wink’, ‘recharge batteries’ when you discuss the 1st question. Introduce ‘cat nap’ when talking about the 2d and ‘toss and turn’ when relating to the last one.

2. Have students match the idioms (1-10) to their definitions (a-j).

Student Handout

A. Match the idioms to their definitions:
1.recharge batteries  (a) sleep soundly       
2.shuteye                (b) very early in the morning  
3.not sleep a wink     (c) sleep (informal)
4.catnap                 (d) short sleep
5.hit the hay            (e) go to bed
6.sleep like a log       (f) not sleep at all
7.toss and turn         (g) be constantly moving in bed sleep               unable to sleep
9. wide awake           (h) regain energy be sleeping or
10. crack of dawn           resting
                              (i) fully awake
                              (j) sleep before midnight or as
                                  recommended by health
                                  professionals (about 8 hours
                                  for adults) to preserve
                                  youthful looks
B. Students read sentences 1-10 and fill in the blanks with the missing idioms.

3. Additional practice: students practice the new idioms discussing the questions below in small groups.
Conversation Questions:

1. Are you a light sleeper or do you sleep like a log?
2. How long does it take you to recharge your batteries after a difficult week at work?
3. What time do you usually hit the hay?
4. Do you make sure to get your beauty sleep?
5. Do you sometimes toss and turn at night?
6. What would keep you wide awake at night?
7. Can a cap nap restore your energy for some time?
8. Are you able to get a shuteye on a bus or subway?
9. People of which professions would be up at the crack of dawn?
10. Why couldn’t David sleep a wink the night before Christmas?
ESL Worksheet: Sleep Idioms
  • tossed and turned
  • beauty sleep
  • not sleep a wink
  • hit the hay
  • slept like a log
  • cat nap
  • wide-awake
  • recharge my batteries
  • shuteye
  • crack of dawn

1. It was hard to get a in this hospital room with constant visitors and phone calls to the rest of the patients in my ward.

2. We spent all Sunday outdoors: we swam, rode a motorboat and went on a three-hour hike around the lake. My daughter that night.

3. With itchy mosquito bites all over his body, he all night.

4. There was power in the building, so we decided to early.

5. I felt drowsy after driving for 2 hours on that hot and humid summer day. I pulled my car over to the curb and had a for 10 minutes.

6. We left for the airport at midnight. The plane took off at 2:30 a.m. and landed at 5:00 a.m. There was a crying baby and snoring man beside me on the plane. I could last night!

7. Caroline had a nightmare tonight. She lay in bed being unable to forget her bad dream.

8. Having worked as a baker for 20 years, he’s used to getting up at the .

9. Tonight I’ll go to bed early. I need my to look rested at tomorrow’s party.

10. I need to after the sleepless night.

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