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ESL Worksheets: Green Resolutions - Earth Day Phrasal Verbs

Level: High-Intermediate

Objective: introduce and practice phrasal verbs related to Earth Day
Teacher Notes:
Discuss the meaning of the noun ‘resolution’ ( a mental pledge to do or not to do something) and its family words: the verb ‘resolve’ (firmly decide) and adjective ‘resolute’ (showing determination or firmness). Provide sample sentences, e.g.:
His resolution was to complete the 21 kilometer marathon next spring.
He resolved to complete the 21 kilometer marathon next spring.
We were amazed by his resolute spirit to complete the 21 kilometer marathon next spring.
Talk about green resolutions - promises to take a better care of the environment. Ask to provide examples of green resolutions (e.g.: reduce, reuse, recycle). Tell that the class will focus on phrasal verbs that often constitute green resolutions.
Students read sentences 1-10 in Explaining the Meaning and find definitions of the phrasal verbs. Follow with comprehension questions about the sentences. In a higher level class, encourage to group the phrasal verbs from the exercise into separable and non-separable. Ask to rephrase the sentences accordingly (e.g.: turn off the monitors while away from the desk vs. turn the monitors off while away from the desk).
Students use the introduced phrasal verbs to fill in the resolutions in Resolving to Go Greener. Ask students to explain the meanings of the sentences in their own words.
Discuss the meanings of phrases feasible/unfeasible, attainable/unattainable, achievable/unachievable resolutions. Pair students up and ask them to discuss feasibility of the resolutions in Feasible or Unfeasible? Encourage to support their choice.
Student Handout:

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