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ESL Worksheets: I Resolve To... Keep On Learning Phrasal Verbs!

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objectives: make New Year resolutions using phrasal verbs
Teacher Notes:
Bring up the tradition of making resolutions for a new year. People make resolutions by promising to let go of the negative things and acquire the positive lifestyle changes in the upcoming year. These commitments can relate to one’s health (e.g.: eat more vegetables), career (e.g.: get a better job) or self-improvement (e.g.: be more organized).
Tell students they’re going to make New Year resolutions using phrasal verbs. Remind that phrasal verbs are combinations of a verb and one or more particles. They can be separable and non-separable. Provide examples:
show up for class early (two-word phrasal verb)
get along with one's co-workers (three-word phrasal verb)
catch up with old friends (non-separable)
put away a small percentage of one's income/put a small percentage of one's income away (separable)
Hand out the worksheet. Students find definitions for 10 phrasal verbs in Finding Definitions. Help identify separable/non-separable phrasal verbs.
Explain that just as any other words, phrasal verbs go with some words better than the other (collocate). Have students find 2 collocations (out of 3 choices) for each of the phrasal verbs in Collocations.
In Sentence Completion students fill in the blanks with the missing phrasal verbs. Have students  discuss the Conversation Questions and report their resolutions for the new year. Discuss the importance of learning phrasal verbs.
Student Handout

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