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ESL Worksheets: Vacation Idioms

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: introduce and practice vacation idioms
Teacher Notes:
1. Introduction
Read the following passage to the class:
Kristen’s flight from Sydney wasn’t very enjoyable.  The plane hit turbulence a few hours after leaving the airport.  The passengers had to remain seated with their seatbelts fastened.  The turbulence was so bad that the captain decided that the flight crew also had to remain seated.  Since the crew was unable to move around, no snacks or drinks were offered to any of the passengers.  The passengers all looked really worried.  Although Kristen had flown a lot, she had never been on such a rough flight.  When the flight finally landed in Tokyo 9 hours later, the passengers all clapped loudly.
Clarify the passage if needed.
Read the passage a second time.  This time add the following line to the end of the passage.
Everyone was so relieved that they had arrived safe and sound.
Write the last line on the board.  Ask learners what the idiom ‘safe and sound’ means (passengers arrived at their destination unhurt). Point out to learners that it’s often possible to guess the meaning of an idiom because of the way it is used in a conversation or situation.
2. Pair Work
Hand out the worksheet.  Have learners complete the worksheets in pairs.  Learners choose the definition (a or b) that best defines the meaning of each bolded idiom as it is used in the sentence.
3. Extension
Have learners work in pairs and tell their partner about any experiences, that they are familiar with when one or more of the vacation idioms could be used.
Student Handout

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