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ESL Worksheets: Thirst Quenchers

Level: High-Intermediate

Objectives: talk about popular thirst quenchers; introduce verbs that express other ways of saying ‘drink’; explore students’ opinions about various thirst quenchers
Teacher Notes:
Start by examining the meaning of the word combination thirst quencher (noun+noun), which is a refreshing drink or food with a large content of water (e.g.: watermelon) that takes away thirst. Briefly discuss how body fluids are lost and when the need for fluids is increased. (Body loses fluids through sweating, breathing and elimination of waste products. The needs for liquids increases in hot weather, after strenuous activities or during illnesses, e.g.: colds and flu).
Explain that ‘quench’ means ‘satisfy’ and rephrase the previous combination to ‘quench thirst’ (verb+noun). Brainstorm ideas for satisfying body’s need for liquid refreshment.
Pair students up. Students find definitions of thirst quenchers in Popular Thirst Quenchers. Check the answers and then ask to cover column B (with definitions) with a piece of paper. Encourage students to provide definitions in their own words (without looking at the handout).

Go over the verbs that express other ways of saying ‘drink’ (sip, gulp down, etc.). Students read sentences 1-6 in  Other Ways of Saying ‘Drink' and fill in the new vocabulary.

Split class into small groups. Students discuss the Conversation Questions related to the topic.
Student Handout:

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