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ESL Worksheets: Spring Cleaning - Get Your Place Spick and Span

Level: High-Intermediate
Objectives: discuss spring-cleaning as a seasonal ritual in North America; introduce and practice cleaning-related vocabulary
Teacher Notes:
Ask your students whether there are any spring rituals in their home countries. Bring up ‘spring cleaning’ as a spring ritual in North America. Explain that spring cleaning is usually done in late April when the weather warms up and allows to air out blankets, mattresses and such, beat out rugs and wash all the windows.
A thorough cleaning is done that often includes cleaning tasks performed only once or twice a year (e.g.: emptying out kitchen cupboards and drawers and replacing the lining) along with packing away winter clothes.
Explain the idiom ‘spick and span’ which means ‘spotless clean’. Tell students the lesson will focus on vocabulary commonly used when talking about cleaning. Put students in pairs and ask to exchange their opinions about common cleaning truths. (Warm-Up: Opinion Exchange). Talk about the meaning of the sayings in Opinion Exchange 2. Check the answer key for brief explanations.
Follow with two vocabulary exercises. In Vocabulary (1) students define common household soils; in Vocabulary (2) they identify cleaning tasks and supplies. Monitor as needed.
Divide class in 4 groups for the writing task. Assign a room to each group (living, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). Students write down steps of a cleaning plan they’d follow if they were to clean the house. Since cleaning is usually done from top to bottom , their plan has to reflect this rule. Students then present their plan to the rest of class.
Speaking: Sharing Cleaning Experiences provides conversation questions for further vocabulary practice and extension.
Student Handout:

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Sunyoung Lee said:
Hi, Thank you for sharing the materials. I really appreciate your help.

Monday, October 01, 2012 AT 9:45 AM
Dijana said:
I just stumbled acosrs your site while surfing around, and I'm enjoying looking through the old posts. I'm rather new to teaching adult ESL students (and in an extremely large group, no less, which precludes having as much direct practice with conversation as I'd like). I wonder if you have any suggestions on how to address confidence issues head-on--like apart from longer-term encouragement and positive feedback.Thanks

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