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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ESL Student Blog: Thanksgiving Traditions- Wishing Upon A Wishbone

It’s just past Thanksgiving in Canada and the end of the long (three-day) weekend. The thanks are said and the turkey dinner is over. But the fun is just beginning!

Any birds we eat (chicken, duck, goose or turkey) have the so called ‘wishbone’. This is a Y-shaped bone located between a bird’s neck and breast. When a holiday bird (traditionally a turkey) is roasted and then carved, the wishbone is carefully pulled out and placed (on a window sill, for example) to dry. After some time (a couple of hours, days or even months for some people) it’s brittle enough to be used in a special contest of breaking the turkey wishbone for good luck.

This is a two people per one wishbone contest. Each person takes hold of one end of the bone and pulls it while making a wish until the bone breaks. Whoever gets a bigger part of the wishbone, will have his/her wish come true.

What if everyone wants to break a wishbone? There is no need to fight. Today many stores sell breakable plastic wishbones so that everyone, icluding the vegetarians, get a chance to test their luck. Be sure not to tell your wish to other people or it won’t come true!


POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 12:18 AM
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