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Saturday, August 28, 2010

English Gateway Newsletter #16

The excitement of meeting new and returning students, trying your hand at new learning materials and setting new goals definitely lends to the enthusiastic month of September. We hope your transition back into work mode is a smooth one!

Site Updates (Member Content)
New Worksheets
ESL Icebreaker: What’s in a Name? (ESL Intermediate and Up)
Looking for a novel way to ‘break ice’ in your first class? In this worksheet, students share interesting facts about their first names while developing self-identity and building cultural respect along the way.
Verbs With Prefix Un- (ESL High-Intermediate)
Prefix un- means ‘not’ when attached to adjectives, but shows a reverse action when used with verbs. In addition to more common verbs with un- (unzip, unbutton, unpack etc.), this worksheet introduces verbs your students may not have encountered just yet (unveil, unwind, untangle etc.)
Enjoying Outdoors - Favorite Playground Equipment (ESL High-Intermediate)
Monkey bars, a seesaw or a spiral slide... what’s your favorite? Help your students name playground equipment and share their memories associated with playing outdoors. Lots of conversation questions and a word building exercise with suffix -tion (cooperation, coordination, perception etc.).

Please take a moment to fill out our survey. Your answers will help us improve our materials and make them more relevant for your students.

Recent Blog Updates
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E-Readers and ESL Reading

Nouns As Adjectives - Common Mistakes by ESL Learners
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Lose Vs. Loose

Mushroom Picking - Popular Summer Pastime

Fireworks Sights and Sounds - The Sky Is the Limit
Idiomania: Idioms in Quotes
This long but inspirational quote comes from the recent book by Sir Ken Robinson The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.
“The Element is the meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion... the people you’ll meet in these pages...are doing the things they love, and in doing it they feel like the most authentic themselves. They find the time passes differently and that they are more alive, more centered, and more vibrant than at any other times. Being in their own Element takes them beyond the ordinary experiences of enjoyment or happiness. When people are in their Element, they connect with something fundamental to their sense of self-revelation, of defining who they really are and what they are really meant to be doing with their lives...People who are in their Element take a deep delight and pleasure at what they do.”

What does ‘in your element’ mean?

If you are in your element, you feel happy because you’re doing what you love and are also good at it.

Clea, our dance instructor, loves dancing to all of the musical styles. Her energy in class is contagious! Clea is in her element when she’s on the dance floor.

To a Happy and Successful New School Year,
English Gateway Team
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