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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

English Gateway Newsletter #2 Updated

Please accept our sincere apologies for the newsletter #2 sent with broken links.

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English Gateway Team

As we curiously watch the world’s best athletes compete in Beijing, let’s admire their willpower, perseverance and determination. Whether we strive to be better at sports, work or learning English, it sure takes a lot of hard work!
In this issue:
New Exercises This Month:

Are you familiar with the Olympic motto? What’s the most famous Olympic venue in Beijing?
Did the torch relay pass through your country?

Olympic Games Collocations

Workplace language is packed with idioms. 6 new idioms are practiced in this exercise.

Workplace Idioms

New Worksheets This Month:

Phrasal verbs have always been the Achilles heel for language learners. Use the teacher notes to get ideas on how to introduce/reinforce the concept of phrasal verbs that have more than one meaning.

Multiple Meanings Phrasal Verbs

Weather is a topic everyone can relate to. As your students advance through higher levels of learning English, draw their attention to vocabulary that describes the weather beyond the words ‘nice’ or ‘cold’.

Weather Collocations

Blog Updates

Are idioms and phrasal verbs the same?
Usage Note: Safe or Confident? Try out a short quiz at the end of the post.

Student Blog

Share your favorite Olympic memories or moments after brainstorming Olympics related vocabulary.

Teacher Blog

Idiomania: Idioms in Quotes of Famous People

The 38-year-old American actress Uma Thurman feels good about her age as she talks about it in her recent interview:
“Being in my late 30s is fine with me. Maybe when 40 hits, the penny will drop and you just hate life. But so far, so good.”

What penny is she talking about?

If the penny dropped for you, you finally understood something that wasn’t obvious to you some time ago.
The comedian was really funny. At first I didn’t get his jokes, but then the penny dropped, and I burst into laughter.
When Natalie looked through the bus window, she didn’t recognize her surroundings – the streets were unfamiliar and strange. Finally the penny dropped, and she realized that she missed her stop.
so far, so good – things have gone well until now
She has won three out of five games. So far, so good!
“How is your trip going?” my mom asked me on the phone.
So far, so good. It hasn’t rained even once and we’ve been able to see most of the city’s attractions”, I replied.
English Gateway Team
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