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Monday, December 05, 2011

ESL Teacher Blog: Explore the NORAD Website As Your Class Counts Down to Christmas

NORAD is a joint American and Canadian air defense organization that provides control and surveillance of North American airspace. They are famously known for starting the tradition of tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. and have a website dedicated to Santa’s trip around the world that annually launches from the North Pole on December 24.
Here are some ideas on how to utilize this resource in class:

- Do a listening activity

Newspaper editor answers the most tricky question that children often ask their parents about - “Is Santa real?” Transcribe the answer and have the students fill in the blanks as they listen to the narration. Lots of new vocabulary to talk about.
- Assign reading and grammar tasks

What’s the length and width of Santa’s sleigh? How many pounds of goods is he carrying? Is Santa a good pilot?  Spark students’ curiosity by some provocative questions.

Print out the FAQ page and make one copy for each pair of students. Cut out the questions and answers and have students match them on their tables. Work on vocabulary.

Identify tenses in each of the passages. Have students make yes/no and wh-questions of their own.

- Engage in a conversation based on video images

Watch Santa journey around the world in 2010. Identify the world’s famous landmarks (Taj Mahal, Empire State Building, Big Ben, etc.), name the countries and nationalities of people who live there. Have your students visited these places?

- Help practice all 4 skills at once

Create a class holiday video message  and submit to be posted on the website.

Encourage your students to visit the website on Christmas Eve. and track Santa in real time.
POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 12:46 AM
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