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Saturday, March 19, 2011

English Gateway Newsletter #18

The sap inside the maple trees is flowing and that is a sure sign of spring here in Central Canada. As the new season stirs in the air, we hope to pass the energy and excitement on to your classrooms with our newly added resources.

Site Updates (Member Content)

New Lesson Plan:
Spring Weather - 4 Seasons in One Day (ESL High-Intermediate)
Students learn words and expressions describing unsettled springlike weather. This lesson includes a reading about the challenging weather conditions during Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.
More Spring-Related Resources from the Archive
Spring Cleaning - Get Your Place Spick and Span (ESL High-Intermediate)
Practical Joke Devices (ESL High-Intermediate)
Green Resolutions - Earth Day Phrasal Verbs (ESL High-Intermediate)
The Last Laugh (ESL Advanced)
New Worksheets
Consonant Clusters: When /ch/ Sounds as /k/ (ESL Advanced)
Focus on pronunciation and spelling of the common words in which /ch/ sounds as /k/.
Places of Worship (ESL High-Intermediate)
People of all walks of life meet their spiritual and social needs at various places of worship. In addition to practicing new vocabulary, students learn to respect different faith communities.
Expressing Affection (ESL High-Intermediate)
Talk about the ways communicating affection verbally and through body language. Incorporate in a unit about feelings and emotions, body language, parenting or interpersonal communication.
Blog Updates
ESL Student Blog
Amenities, Utilities, Appliances
6 Commonly Confused Noun-Verb Forms
Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist vs. Psychic
ESL Teacher Blog
French Loanwords in English - Common Pronunciation and Spelling Patterns
Chinese New Year - Vocabulary Extensions
Not Just a Number! - An Icebreaker for 2011
Idiomania: Idioms in Songs
Today’s idiom comes from “The Spring Song” sung by Charlie Chaplin’s that perfectly captures the essence of the season. This is also a great tune to practice Present Progressive.
Birds are calling.
Skunks are crawling -
Wagging their tails for love!
Spring is here.
Whales are churning.
Worms are squirming -
Wagging their tails for love!
What is this thing
Of which I sing
That makes us all bewitched?
What is this thing
That comes in spring
That gives us all the itch?
Oh, it’s love, it’s love,
It’s love, love, love, love, love, love, love...
What does the expression in bold mean?
If something gives us the itch, it makes us want to do or have something. In the song, it’s the love that makes everyone want to be active again.
Spring always gives me the itch to clean my house from top to bottom and organize my closet.
These childhood pictures give me the itch to go camping again.
Happy Spring,
English Gateway Team
POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 12:17 AM
Thursday, July 07, 2011 AT 2:16 PM
Tommy said:
Now we know who the seinblse one is here. Great post!

Thursday, July 07, 2011 AT 5:34 PM
Latricia said:
THX that's a great aswner!

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