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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ESL Teacher Blog: Presidential Elections Word Cloud and Language Learning

New York Times has asked its readers today to choose one word that best describes their mood on the Election Day. The word cloud is a visualization of a large number of adjectives the readers most frequently used to describe their current state of mind. More adjectives are being added with the most popular choices.

What a valuable lesson ESL students can learn by understanding, analyzing and adopting those vivid adjectives into their lexicon! It’s great to go over them in class even when this big day is over and discuss their meanings come other important events of their lives.

This is just a partial list of those: hopeful, worried, emotional, cautious, thrilled, jittery, relieved, patriotic, determined, ambivalent, giddy, anticipatory, elated, pensive, proud, terrified, apprehensive.

Based on the level, after thorough vocabulary explanations, conversation questions can be created for further practice. Examples can include:

• Why would you have an ambivalent attitude towards your best friend’s girlfriend?
• What makes you feel elated?
• Do you get emotional when you watch dramas?
• What are you determined to do next year?
• Do you feel jittery when you make a presentation?
• Which anticipatory precautions should the factory management take to avoid work-related injuries?
POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 11:16 PM
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