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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

English Gateway Newsletter #14

Spring is here and so is our newsletter with the great resources to celebrate the season!

New Lesson Plan
The Last Laugh (ESL Advanced)
Share a laugh with your students in a lesson dedicated to April Fool’s. Enjoy a story chock-full of idiomatic expressions, vocabulary exercises and good-natured humour.
The plot: Ed loved playing jokes on his family and friends and would often pull a prank on his wife Mildred. But when Ed comes back from his fishing trip, he gets a taste of his own medicine.
New Worksheets (Member Content)
April Fool’s Day ESL Worksheets: Practical Joke Devices (High-Intermediate)
Familiarize students with common North American practical joke devices. Whether they consider them amusing, silly or embarrassing, encourage to support their view.
Green Resolutions: Earth Day Phrasal Verbs (High-Intermediate)
Students include phrasal verbs in their resolutions to go greener.
Spring-Related Resources from the Archive
Environment Collocations
Describing Nature Collocations

Spring Cleaning - Get Your Place Spick and Span
Blog Updates
ESL Student Blog
Unusual Winter Olympic Sports - Curling
Economic or Economical?
Affix Para- in Paralympics and Other Related Words
ESL Teacher Blog
Teaching Irregular Verbs Lexical Approach Style
When a Day Has 23 Hours
Idiomania: Idioms in Recent Media Quotes
This is what WestJet (Canadian airline) CEO Sean Durfy has recently said after his surprise decision to quit the job:

“You run out of steam after a while. Especially at a company like WestJet. It is an amazing place, but the airline space and the airline sector is exhausting.”

What does ‘run out of steam’ mean?

If someone runs out of steam, they have no more energy or enthusiasm left.

He tried to chase the car on his bike but ran out of steam pedaling uphill.

Happy Learning and Teaching,
English Gateway Team
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