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Monday, November 10, 2008

ESL Student Blog: Some time, Sometime or Sometimes?

Some time is a combination of a noun (time) and determiner (some). It shows an unspecified amount of time (in the same way we say: some money or some work). For example:

It will take us some time to finish this project. (it’s unknown how much time it will take to complete the project)

Sometime is an adverb that means approximately. Although the exact time is still unspecified, this word is used with other adverbials (next week/this year) giving listeners an idea of a time frame:

He said he’d come sometime after lunch. (we’re unsure when exactly he’ll come, but we know it’ll be after lunch hour)

Sometimes is an adverb that means occasionally.

I usually drive to work, but sometimes I take a bus.
Choose: some time, sometime or sometimes?

1. _____ she’s in a bad mood.
2. I’ll see you _____ tomorrow afternoon.
3. There is still _____ before the bank opens.
4. _____ when come home, I can’t even cook dinner. I’m so tired!
5. The registration starts _____ next spring.
6. I’m very busy. But I want to find ____ to cook for my family.
7. _____ this phone rings off the hook!
8. The new movie will be released _____ this summer.
Answer Key:

(1) sometimes (2) sometime (3) some time (4) sometimes (5) sometime (6) some time (7) sometimes (8) sometime
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