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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ESL Student Blog: Flag Day

February 15th is a Flag Day in Canada. The red maple leaf flag was adopted by the House of Commons and Senate (two houses of the Parliament) after many days of heated parliamentary debates in 1965. Members of Parliament debated on whether the flag should reflect Canadian connections to Britian and France as their former colony or adopt a distinct symbol demonstarting its independence and influence in the world.
Maple leaf was chosen over other distinct Canadian symbols, such as a beaver or Canadian goose.  It shows the importance of the maple trees in the lives of the first settlers in Canada - the First Nations or Aboriginal people. Today Canada is widely known as the land of the maple syrup!

Do you have a Flag Day in your country? How much do you know about your national flag? How does it look and what do its colors represent? How old is it?
As you search for information about your flag, think about the following questions:

- When are flags flown at half-mast?
- What song is usually sung when a flag is raised?
- How do people behave when they watch a flag raising ceremony? How does it make you feel when you attend a flag raising ceremony?
- Have you ever been a flag bearer?
- Who is usually chosen to carry or hold a flag?

Glossary (words you may want to use when answering the questions):

national mourning
natural disasters
national anthem
stand still
be proud of/take pride in
raise/lower a flag
high achievers
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