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Sunday, April 05, 2009

ESL Student Blog: Egg Dishes - What’s Your Favourite?

Eggs are so versatile that there is hardly any culture that doesn’t enjoy them in one way or the other. Below are some popular ways to eat this protein-rich food:
A soft-boiled egg is an egg cooked (boiled) for about 3 minutes. It has a runny yolk.
A hard-boiled egg is an egg cooked (boiled) for about 5-6 minutes. It has a solid yolk.
A sunny-side-up egg is an egg that has been cracked onto a frying pan and fried on one side only (taking care not to break the yolk).
An over-easy egg is fried on both sides with a yolk left intact. No mixing of the egg white is the yolk is necessary.
A scrambled egg is done by beating the yolk and egg white together, pouring the mixture onto a frying pan and stirring frequently until it sets.
A poached egg is an egg simmered in water without its shell. This egg has a runny yolk and is usually used in a very popular North American dish called Eggs Benedict.
Eggs Benedict are poached eggs served on top of a toast along with bacon or smoked salmon and holandaise sauce (made of butter, egg yolks, lemon juice and seasonings). This is an all time breakfast favourite in restaurants and eataries as well as the biggest ever challenge for cooks who try to recreate this dish in their home kitchens (poaching eggs does take some practice).
Other local egg favourites include omelettes and their variations - frittatas with various toppings or fillings.
Are you hungry yet?

Try an exercise on Eating and Cooking Eggs here.

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