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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ESL Teacher Blog: When A Day Has 23 Hours

The daylight saving time is now in effect in Canada and most of the United States. As we moved our clocks one hour forward, the days seem to stretch longer and nights go by faster.

How do your students manage to spring their biological clocks ahead? Do they view the time change as ‘no big deal’? Encourage sharing their views on this annual transition by discussing the (sample) questions below in small groups:

1. Does your country observe daylight saving time? If yes, when does it begin and end? When was daylight saving time first introduced in your country?

2. Do you always remember to adjust the clock? Has it ever come as a surprise? Have you ever missed the change? Have you ever showed up at work/school one hour early/late?

3. Turning the lights on later in the day and reducing the use of electricity in the evening is one of the benefits of daylight saving time. What are some additional (economic, health, safety) benefits of clock shifts?

4. Some of the electronic devices may still show incorrect time after switching to daylight saving time. What are some additional drawbacks of moving the clocks forward/backward? Does the time shift benefit or disrupt farmer’s schedule?

5. As an American envoy in France, Benjamin Franklin suggested firing cannons at sunrise to wake up Parisians so that they use the morning light more efficiently and economize on candles in the evenings. Benjamin Franklin is known as an author of the famous proverb: “ Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Do you agree with this proverb? Support your answer.

6. The first Sunday in November will have 25 hours as we return to Standard Time. Do you look forward to gaining an extra hour of sleep?

Springing froward means losing one hour of sleep and often affects our sleep patterns. Check out what Roz Chast, a writer and cartoonist, does when she can’t fall asleep. Save the cartoons for a health-related class too.

View the world clock here.
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