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Saturday, November 01, 2008

ESL Student Blog: Are English Words Getting Shorter?

Short forms of verbs are very common in informal English. We say: “I’d like” instead of “I would like” and “gonna go” instead of “going to go”.
But it seems that more and more nouns can be added to the list of common contracted forms as used in today’s colloquial English. These are not only words we use when talking to friends ("hey, bro"; bro – brother, meaning ‘friend’), family ("hi sis"; sis – sister) or coworkers ("I have a lot of prep for tomorrow"; prep –preparation), but the ones that became completely acceptable in work emails and even newspaper articles. Here is a partial list:

temps – temperatures
congrats – congratulations
Dems – Democrats
pics – pictures
celeb – celebrity
rep – representative or reputation
meds – medications
apps – applications
legit – legitimate (adjective)
grads – graduates
stats – statistics
mic (pronounced /maik/)  – microphone

Remember, short forms set an informal tone in both speaking and writing and full forms are required in formal situations.
POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 6:53 PM
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