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Sunday, January 25, 2009

ESL Student Blog: Icicle Watching, Anyone?

There is bird watching - this is when people head outdoors to observe birds in their natural habitats.
There is leaf watching - this is when people head outdoors to view leaves turning colors in fall.

Why isn’t there icicle watching? These days (here in Toronto) the conditions must be just right for those icicles to form. Sparkling in the sun against the winter sky, they can be seen hanging on the rooftops, fire escapes, playgrounds, bus shelters and gutters. They are absolutely humongous this year, reaching to the window level or even merging together and creating frozen waterfalls along the walls of the buildings! 
It’s fun to touch an icicle, see it snapped and fall, smashing into a multitude of small pieces on the ground.

But watch (beware of) them as you watch (look at) them - they can turn into real daggers (small sharp knives) if they break free and crash onto the ground!

POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 7:19 PM
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