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Thursday, October 16, 2008

ESL Student Blog: Canadian Government in a Nutshell

The October 14th Federal Elections are now over. The Conservative Party stays in power, taking 143 seats in the Parliament out of 308. Had it taken 155 seats, it would have created a majority government. As this is not the case, the Conservatives still form a minority government (they had 127 seats in the previous elections). Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party, is the current Prime Minister of Canada.

Below is the basic structure of the Canadian government and its key positions.

Federal Government:

Head of State – Queen Elizabeth II

Governor General – Queen’s representative in Canada
Prime Minister (leader of the party in power)

House of Commons represented by 308 Members of Parliament (MPs) elected through federal elections, 1 member per each of the 308 electoral districts or ridings
Senate (105 appointed Senators)
Provincial Government:

Lieutenant Governor – Queen’s representative in a province

Premier – leader of the government in a province, Commissioner - leader of the government in a territory
Legislative Assembly is represented by Members of
Provincial Parliament (MPPs) elected through provincial elections, 1 MPP per each electoral district or riding
Municipal Government:

City Council represented by Mayor (in an urban setting) or Reeve (in a rural setting) and elected councilors (1 councilor per ward, city electoral district).
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