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Saturday, December 13, 2008

English Gateway Newsletter #6

It’s hard to believe that the new calendar year is only weeks away! The most celebrated part of the year is upon us and we wish you lots of holiday cheer and many learning and teaching rewards!

In this issue:
New Exercises This Month:
These common day-to-day phrasal verbs will help you talk about two main human needs – food and sleep.
Food Phrasal Verbs
Sleep Phrasal Verbs
New Worksheets This Month:
Whether shopping for clothes or groceries, these phrasal verbs come in handy in any shopping related conversations.
Shopping Phrasal Verbs
Does personality play a role in choosing a gift? Students share their opinions as they define common personality traits.
Personality and Gift Giving
Set a festive mood in your class by listening to this popular tune and sharing a laugh about childhood memories associated with Santa Claus.
Naughty or Nice? (based on the song ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)
Blog Updates
ESL Student Blog
A Note on Number Reading
Recognizable Idioms
ESL Teacher Blog
Naughty or Nice? Help Your Students Find Out As You Sing Along
Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice
Idiomania: Idioms in Quotes of Famous People

Oprah Winfrey, a very popular talk show host on American TV, has candidly related to her current weight:

'When it comes to maintaining my health, I didn't just fall off the wagon. I let the wagon fall on me.'
What does ‘fall off the wagon’ mean?

If a person falls off the wagon, s
/he fails to keep his/her promise not to do something.
Oprah talked about her ‘dieting’ wagon. She has gained weight because she didn’t follow her diet and quit her exercise routine.
This expression is often used to describe people who start drinking alcohol after a period they haven’t had any:
He fell off the wagon right after their divorce was finalized.
Do you know anyone who fell of the wagon and resumed smoking? How many times has this person tried to quit smoking?
We wish you to never fall off the wagon in the upcoming year!
Happy Holidays!
English Gateway Team

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