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Monday, February 06, 2012

ESL Student Blog: Food Stereoptypes

North Americans have many food stereotypes.  People associate certain foods with specific occasions, seasons, places or activities.
On the first Sunday in February, for example, many Americans and Canadians watch Super Bowl - the American football championship - a game synonymous with big amounts of food consumed by those watching it. The common food choices for this all-day noshing are tacos, dips, guacamole and chips.
Can you think of any other food stereotypes?

Read the list of items (1-15) below.  Match the term to the correct occasion, place, activity or season (A-O) to create common food stereotypes.  The first one is done as an example.

A- winter sports

B- Easter


D- coffee break

E- Barbeque

F- Christmas

G-watching TV

H- Sports Bar

I- summer

J- movie theatre

K- campfire

L- birthday party

M- St. Patrick’s Day

N- Sunday dinner

O- Valentine’s Day

1. hot chocolate __A___

2. cotton candy _____

3. ham _____

4. watermelon _____

5. marshmallows _____

6. popcorn _____

7. Irish Coffee _____

8. roast beef and mashed potatoes _____

9. beer and wings_____

10. potato chips _____

11. chocolate _____

12. fruitcake_____

13. hot dogs and hamburgers _____

14. cake _____

15. donuts _____

Answer Key:

2-C, 3-B, 4-I, 5-K, 6-J, 7-M, 8-N, 9.-H, 10.-G, 11.-O, 12.-F, 13.-E, 14.-L, 15.-D

POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 10:59 PM
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