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Thursday, April 01, 2010

ESL Student Blog: Dye Vs. Die

Easter weekend is here!
Have you ever dyed (=colored) Easter eggs? If yes, how did you do it? Did you dip the eggs into a coloring solution (water + food coloring)? Or did you go the old-fashioned way and dyed them with onion skins?
The forms of dye are dyeing and dyed:
How long have you been dyeing your hair blond?
She dyed the yarn green.
When something dies, it stops living or functioning. The forms of die are dying and died.
I think my plant is dying.
The engine died and the car won’t start.
Choose: dye, dyeing, dyed, dyes, die, dying, died, dies
1. He can ___ from the wound if not taken to hospital.
2. He considers ___ his mustache to look younger.
3. He ___ from a drug overdoze.
4. Hope ___ last.
5. Some languages are slowly ___.
6. She’s going to ___ her sofa cushion covers.
7. This fabric ___ well.
8. She __ these silk scarves by herself.
Answer Key:
(1) die (2) dyeing (3) died (4) dies (5) dying (6) dye (7) dyes (8) dyed
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