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Saturday, September 03, 2011

ESL Student Blog: Compound Words That End With the Noun ‘Line’

The noun ‘line’ is one of the most frequent in the English language. We draw different kinds of lines (e.g.: straight or dotted), ‘get in line’, ‘wait in line’, ‘write our name on the line’, ‘hold the line’ (wait on the phone). Our faces are covered in lines (wrinkles) as we get older. We ‘learn our lines (words)’ before performing in a play.
The noun ‘line’ is also commonly joined with another word to make a compound word (e.g.: air+line=airline).
Combine the words below with the noun ‘line’ to make 12 compound words. Then , match the definitions 1-12 to the corresponding words.
time    dead    hot    out    hair    sky    
coast   bee    neck    waist    head    clothes
1. the edge of a person’s hair

2. the shape made by the edge of a piece of clothing around your neck

3. the line at which the upper and lower pieces of clothing join

4. a plan that shows when something will happen and how long it’ll take

5. a shape made by buildings, mountains, etc. when seen against the sky

6. the land along a coast
7. a specific time by which something has to be done
8. a rope to hang wet clothes on so that they can dry
9. an explanation that provides main ideas, but not the details
10. a telephone connection that gives quick direct access to information or help

11. a main title of a story in a newspaper

12. the shortest possible route from one place to another
Which of these lines can you see and which ones are imaginary?
Answer Key:
1. hairline 2. neckline 3. waistline 4. timeline 5. skyline 6. coastline 7. deadline 8. clothesline 9. outline 10. hotline 11. headline 12. beeline
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