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Monday, January 17, 2011

ESL Student Blog: Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist vs. Psychic

Let alone the spelling, these words get confused often enough.
A psychologist is a scientist who studies human mind and emotions. Talking to a psychologist is usually like talking to a friend. Psychologists are counselors who help find solutions to problems through (psycho)therapy sessions. For example, people may go to a psychologist to seek help in improving their relationships or getting rid of fears or frustrations. Psychologists don’t have medical training and can’t prescribe medication.
A psychiatrist is both a scientist and medical doctor.  Likewise a psychologist, a psychiatrist is an expert in mental health. Going to a psychiatrist, however,  isn’t always done willingly. Patients can be forced to see a psychiatrist if they pose a risk to themselves or others. A psychiatrist prescribes medication and then monitors a patient’s response to medical treatment. Psychiatrists are also known as shrinks.
A psychic is neither a scientist nor a doctor. Psychics claim to have mysterious powers that help them hear sounds or voices other people can’t hear, understand what people are thinking or how their future is going to unfold. People like to go a psychic to help them make a big decision (before getting married, for example) or just out of curiosity. A psychic may give a piece of advice through palm or tarot card readings. Do you believe in someone’s psychic abilities?
Family Words:
psychology (science)
psychologist (occupation)
psychological (research)
psychologically (vulnerable)

psychiatry (science)
psychiatrist (occupation)
psychiatric (hospital)
psychiatrically (stable/unstable person)

long-time psychic (psychic is a noun)
psychic powers (psychic is an adjective)
psychically gifted (psychically is an adverb)
POSTED BY Olga Galperin AT 11:25 AM
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