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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ESL Teacher Blog: Chinese New Year - Vocabulary Extensions

Aside from talking about New Year celebrations, which usually pertain to food and traditions, there are other topics that fit well into the pre-holiday classes.
1. Talk about the ethnic enclaves in your city such as Chinatown etc. Bring in pictures showing these parts of the city or even head for a walk if possible. Introduce new vocabulary:

lion statues


arch entrance

tourist traffic

bilingual street signs

ornate designs

seafood markets

sidewalk fruit and vegetables stalls

imported/specialty food

street merchants/vendors


clump together

ethnic ghetto

exclusion period

population explosion

2. Explore linguistic, political and ethnical differences associated with China as a country or assign mini-projects on these topics: mainland China vs. Hong Kong and Macau; British colonization; Mandarin vs. Cantonese languages.

3. Discuss the term “restrictive laws” and talk about the contribution of Chinese diaspora to the countries where they settled.

In Canada mention the Chinese Exclusion Act (1923) (known as Humiliation Day among Chinese Canadians) that barred most Chinese from entering Canada (until 1947). This is a great
website to explore.

In the United States refer to the Chinese Exclusion Act that barred all Chinese immigration to that country from 1882 to the WWII.

Additional words/expressions:

blood, sweat and tears

head tax

gold rush


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