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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

English Gateway Newsletter #11

The school year is in full swing and there has been a lot of activity here at English Gateway. Whether a student or teacher of intermediate to advanced levels, we hope you find the best value vocabulary lessons, worksheets and lesson plans in our regularly updated resources.

Site Updates:
English Gateway has gone membership based. Downloading ESL worksheets, ESL lesson plans and ESL vocabulary lessons is now available for members only. Read more about our membership.

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Join English Gateway workshops at 2009 SPEAQ Convention in Montreal, Quebec, November 12-14, 2009 or TESL Ontario Conference in Toronto, Ontario, December 10-12, 2009.
New Worksheet:
The Scary Sounds of Halloween (ESL Intermediate)
Name the sounds typically associated with Halloween. Describe sounds of a haunted house traditionally visited on Halloween.
New Lesson Plans:
Leaving a Voicemail Message (ESL Intermediate)
Discuss what makes a good and not so good voicemail message. Edit sample messages and create your own.
Subway Announcements (ESL High-Intermediate)
Help your students feel less frustrated the next time they hear an inaudible announcement on the subway. Go over common scripts and scenarios encountered on public transit premises.
Traffic Report (ESL Advanced)
Check your students’ comprehension of a typical traffic report. Focus on collocations, synonyms and words that function as different parts of speech. (Names of streets and intersections in this report come from the city of Toronto, Canada - a special treat for Canadian teachers).
Super-Duper - Talking About Fashion, based on the song "Putting on the Ritz"  (ESL Advanced)
Discuss the fashion trends of the Western culture in the 20th century. Introduce vocabulary related to fashion and name well-known American fashion icons.
Recent Blog Updates
Teacher Blog
Fall Foliage Lexical Activities
A or An - Phonetics Over Spelling
Student Blog
Thanksgiving Traditions - Wishing Upon A Wishbone
Custom or Customs?
Idiomania: Idioms in the Language of Advertising
Macintosh (or Mac), a popular Apple computer, has recently been advertised as the following:
It has the best operating system and then some.
What does ‘and then some’ means?
This expression means “considerably more in addition”.
For example:
The store offers dozens of ice-cream flavors and then some.
That trip was my lifelong dream and then some!

Happy learning and teaching,
English Gateway Team
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