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There’s just something missing – something that keeps you at arm’s length from those you’d most like to connect with.

Are you out of the loop? Do you feel out of step? Can you ever imagine your life being a piece of cake? Do you have any idea what any of those last questions mean?

You’re not out of the loop – you’ll be on the inside – if you’re with English Gateway.

And you’re not out of step – you’ll be on the fast track; there is so much you can learn about the art of communication with English Gateway.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way, walking the walk while you learn to "talk the talk".

And as for a piece of cake? Well, by joining up with English Gateway you’ll be sitting down to the table and sharing all the relationships, opportunities and situations you’ve been dreaming of.

It will be a piece of cake – easy.
We imagine you’ve spent considerable time and money learning English… that you’ve worked for hours memorizing vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation… that you’ve taken risks speaking aloud to strangers – shopkeepers, bank clerks, transit personnel – and that you may even have had the courage to attempt to break into conversations, adding your voice and opinions, working to make connections with the North Americans you now live, work and play amongst.

But something is missing: the spark that ignites relationships, the connection that takes you from individual to group member – and from outsider, to insider.

That’s who we are. That’s what English Gateway provides.  We provide the language tools you need to make that final, vital connection in understanding and speaking English like North Americans.

And we offer it to you in a series of stories, articles and essays that are interesting, timely and applicable to your daily life.

Not only that, but we offer it to you along with side by side narration in an audio download to help you hear exactly how the words and expressions are used and pronounced.

Like speaking to like.
We think you’ll like it. A lot!
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