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English Gateway shares the language skills that will take your English fluency to new heights in a way that’s simple, straightforward and effective.

Through stories and articles – interesting, informative and even fun! – you’ll experience English as it is really spoken in North America, complete with the language, idiomatic speech patterns and cultural insights. 

And beyond reading the words, phrases and expressions that are so much a part of North American life, you’ll be able to hear each of the stories and articles read by a professional narrator, bringing life and meaning, as well as pronunciation and expression to the material through our exclusive audio downloads.                              

It’s really very simple:
Like speaks to like.
What does that phrase mean?
It means we literally bond with people we understand and who understand us.
People who speak the same language – a language that goes beyond mere words spoken in the right order; people whose common link is that they share the same way of expressing themselves. It’s simply understood.
In love and friendship, in business and in our community, we are drawn to those who we truly connect with… those we really communicate with and those we feel we understand.
By breaking through the barriers to real, significant communication, you’ll experience greater intimacy, greater success – greater communication.
It’s information you can read… information you can hear… and most importantly, information you can use.

Want to try a topic to see how it works?
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As you progress with English Gateway, you’ll find you can truly talk the talk.

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