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ESL Mother’s Day Lesson Plan: A Mother’s Love (based on the poem by Helen Steiner Rice)

Level: High-Intermediate

Objectives: read and analyze a poem dedicated to mothers, learn vocabulary associated with mother’s love
Teacher Notes:
Mention that Mother’s Day is approaching. List different types of mother’s (biological, foster, mother-in-law, adoptive, stepmother) and remind that Mother’s Day is dedicated to any woman who was/is significant in a child’s upbringing (grandmother, aunt, etc.)
Discuss what makes mother’s love special. Ask to come with adjectives that describe mother’s love. Arrange answers along with brief explanations on the board:
Mother’s love is:
powerful (it gives strength and confidence)
forgiving (a mother will always give her children a second chance)
unconditional (she expects nothing in return)
nurturing (caring, helps children to develop)
healing (makes feel  well again)
selfless (a mother thinks about her children first)
Tell students they’re going to read a poem “A Mother’s Love’ by an American writer Helen Steiner Rice (1900-1981) who was famous for her inspirational poetry.
Hand out the worksheet. Students match the new words with their definitions in Word Definitions.

Read the poem to the students without stopping. Read the second time clarifying the new words.

Put students in pairs. Allow time to read once more and answer the questions in 2b.

Students work on the new vocabulary in Finding the Missing Word and Family Words.
Student Handout

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